Responsible Gaming on 1win

Providing a fair and responsible gaming environment for our customers is one of the key objectives of 1win. We strive to ensure that our players do not suffer from gambling addiction and gamble responsibly with real money. On our part, 1win maintains the highest level of safety and protects customers from the possible risk of gambling addiction.

Unfortunately, gambling as a recreational hobby can be a problem for some players.

We fully support and uphold the internationally accepted policy of responsible gambling and do our best to ensure that our customers can enjoy safe and exciting gaming without losing control.

1Win Way to Responsible Gaming, How to defeat gambling addiction

The Main Points About Responsible Gaming on 1win

1win has always promoted and promoted a responsible attitude towards betting on sports for real money. We always state that sports betting is not a way to make money, but one of the many ways to have fun. However, despite this, some gamblers have problems with self-control and betting addiction.

The most important thing every bettor should remember is that gambling should not be seen as a stable source of income. Results often depend on luck, and predicting the outcome using any betting strategy does not guarantee a win.

If you forget this, you may lose control of your betting and your budget, which can lead to problems in the well-being of you and your family.

Maintaining Control

When spending your free time watching matches and gambling, you should, however, remember to be cautious. You should not indulge in excessive gambling and make rash bets.

In order to prevent this from happening, remember the following points:

Most of our players have the proper approach to gambling. They take it seriously and understand that it is an interesting pastime rather than a way to make money.

However, some players have

Signs of gambling addiction

o find out if you have a gambling addiction, answer the following questions for yourself:

If the answer to the majority of these queries is yes, then you are probably suffering from a genuine gambling addiction. Try to take your mind off it, take a break from gambling and seek help from support services to avoid making the situation getting worse.

Tips for Gambling Control

the risk of becoming an addict, follow these basic tips:

If at any point you realize you have a gambling problem, don’t hesitate to write to the 1win support team. We will give you the addresses and contacts of specialist agencies who can help you rehabilitate your gambling addiction. You can also freeze your account at any time via your personal account if you realize you need to take a break.