Crazy Time Live Game at 1win

Crazy Time is a very popular Game Shows game that is available for real money to all 1win users. It has a very nice unusual wheel format with number fields and bonus fields, and the RTP is 96.08%.

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Crazy Time Live Game at 1Win Casino

Basic information about Crazy Time

Crazy Time is a live game with a live dealer. At the beginning of the round he spins a wheel, which has 54 fields. The wheel has both numbered fields and fields with bonus games that can bring really big winnings. At the end of the round, the pointer points to one random field.

Here are the basics of playing Crazy Time:

  • The player places a bet on one or more of the fields;
  • The dealer spins a wheel consisting of 54 fields -45 number fields (1, 2, 5, 10) and 9 bonus fields (2 Pochinko, 2 Cash Hunt, 4 Coin Flip and 1 Crazy Time);
  • Based on the results of spinning the wheel, the winning field will be identified;
  • The maximum win in the Crazy Time Live game is 20,000x and the RTP is 96.08%.

Basic information about 1Win Crazy Game Live Game

Fields in Crazy Time Game

Before the dealer spins the wheel, you bet on the fields using the handy virtual dashboard. We’ll describe the meanings of the fields for you so that you can better understand how to play the Crazy Time game.

  • 1.Coin Flip

    The dealer approaches a special coin machine. The coin has a red and a blue side. The odds of winning for each side of the coin appear on the scoreboard. The dealer presses a button and the winnings depend on which side of the coin is drawn.

    Coin Flip Field at 1Win Crazy Game

  • 2.Cash Hunt

    The dealer goes to a special animated screen. On this screen you will see a variety of multipliers – 5x, 25x, 100x and so on. All the multipliers are then covered with pictures and shuffled in random sequence. The user taps on any of the pictures and ” fires” at it. All the pictures are then revealed and you win according to the odds that were under the picture you selected.

    Cash Hunt Field at 1Win Crazy Game

  • 3.Pochinko

    The dealer also approaches the animated screen and throws the ball, which eventually falls onto the multiplier. In flight, the ball hits the fields, like in a game of Plinko. In the Pochinko bonus game there are “Double” fields and if the ball hits them, all multipliers are doubled and the dealer throws the ball again.

    Pachinko Field at 1Win Crazy Game

  • 4.Crazy Time

    The dealer is moved to a separate room with a bonus Crazy Time wheel. You choose the color of the pointer – green, blue or yellow. The dealer spins the wheel. You win depending on the value that appears on the pointer you choose. This game also has a Double box and if the pointer points to it, the dealer will restart the wheel and all multipliers on the playing field will be multiplied.

    Crazy Time Field at 1Win Crazy Game

  • 5.Top Slot Spin

    At the same time as the round starts, the Top Slot is automatically switched on above the wheel. This option increases the multiplier of any of the fields, including the bonus games.

    Top Slot Spin at Crazy Time

How to start playing Crazy Time at 1win

Anyone over 18 years old can start playing Crazy Time at 1win for real money. We have prepared instructions on how to start winning with it:

  1. Go to the website or open the 1win mobile app;
  2. Create your account by clicking on the green registration button and filling out the form;
  3. Deposit INR into your balance any way you like by clicking on the deposit button;
  4. Find the Crazy Time game on the casino page and press on it;
  5. Place your bets and get your winnings!

You place your bets on the fields through the handy virtual game panel. Any winnings you receive will go straight into your balance at the end of the round.

How to start playing Crazy Time at 1Win

1win Bonus for New Users

For all new users from India who prefer Crazy Time and other casino games, we offer a welcome bonus of 500% on your first deposit up to INR 145,000. This money will go into a separate bonus balance in your account.

Between 1% and 30% of the money you lose in our casino will be returned to your main balance from the bonus balance. The exact amount of the cashback depends on the amount you lose during the week.

1Win Crazy Time Bonuses For New Players

Popular Strategies for playing Crazy Time

Live Crazy Time is a game in which luck is key. However, before the round starts, it is up to the user to choose which field to bet on. There are some popular strategies for Crazy Time among active players, which we want to tell you a little about.

Crazy Time Popular Strategies

Bonus Bet strategy

The biggest winnings in Crazy Time come from the bonus boxes, which is why players love them most. With 9 bonus fields on the playing field, there’s a 16.7% chance of one of them falling out, which is pretty good. Those who choose this strategy only bet on these fields.

Risk Reduction Strategy

In this strategy, you allocate your bets to numbered fields. These take up the majority of the playing field. If you bet on 2, 5 and 10, your chance of winning is quite high.

Probability Strategy

In this strategy you keep an eye on the statistics of previous rounds. If the bonus has not fallen 6 times in a row, the probability that it will fall during the next rounds is very high. At the same time it is worth remembering that each new round in a Crazy Time casino game is a new mathematical probability.

Download Crazy Time App

You can download our 1win app to your smartphone to play and win anytime, anywhere. Here are a little instructions on how to make a Crazy Time app download:

  1. Open the 1win website from any browser on your smartphone;
  2. Go to the bottom of the mobile site where you will find the app download buttons;
  3. Select the version suitable for your smartphone (Android or iOS);
  4. Download and install the app on your gadget.

Once you open the Crazy Time game in the app, you’ll also see the broadcast and place bets on the fields via a handy virtual dashboard. Winnings will arrive on your balance immediately at the end of the round and you will be able to withdraw them via the app.

Crazy Time App - How to download from 1Win

Benefits of 1win Crazy Time game

Crazy Time spin game is very popular amongst gamblers all over the world and in India because of its benefits and features. We’d like to highlight the most important features:


  • It is a live casino game with a pleasing format where the outcome of each spin of the wheel is completely random;
  • The game is filled with internal bonus games and the chance of them falling out is quite high, as they occupy 9 cells out of 54;
  • The maximum win you can get in a single round is 20,000x, and the Crazy Time Live game’s RTP is 96.08%, which is rather a high number;
  • It’s up to you to decide which fields to bet on, and if they fall out, you win;
  • The game is played around the clock, the dealers change, and they are all charismatic, communicating with the audience and creating a pleasant mood.


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We’ve gathered some popular questions about Crazy Time from our users and answered them below.

What is the best field in Crazy Time?

The best field is the red Crazy Tim field, which is the only one on the playing field. However, any bonus game can bring big winnings, especially if the Top Spin multiplier is triggered at the start of the round.

What is the maximum possible win per one Crazy Time spin?

The maximum winnings set by the developer Evolution Gaming is 20,000x.

Can I download the game Crazy Time to my mobile gadget?

Yes, we have free 1win mobile apps for Android and iOS. These will allow you to create an account, make a deposit and start playing Crazy Time.