Online Aviatrix Game

Aviatrix is the new Crash game with an airplane, in which you can get big winnings as fast as possible. As the game is of the Instant genre, you will also have to make decisions that determine whether you win or lose. It’s an NFT Based B2B IGaming Solution with Provably Fair technology. Find out all about Aviatrix, find out the basic strategies and start playing it for real money today!

Aviatrix Casino Game on 1Win India

Basic Rules of the Aviatrix Game

The process of playing Aviatrix is as drawn out as possible, and you can be sure to get the hang of it as quickly as possible. We’ve prepared information for you about the basic rules of the game:

  • When you open the game, you see in front of you an animated broadcast with an airplane and a betting field;
  • Before the start of a round you can place one or two bets;
  • At the start of the round you see through the game screen as the plane flies upwards;
  • At the same time as the plane flies, the multiplier on the screen increases;
  • At any time of the flight the user can press the Cash out button and get a win, the amount of which depends on the multiplier on the screen;
  • The plane in the Aviatrix India game can crash at any point in the round and you need to press Cash out before it crashes;
  • The minimum multiplier is 1.01x (all players lose) and the maximum is 10,000x;

Knowing these basic rules is enough to start playing Aviator Crash game for real money.

Aviatrix Casino Game Basic Rules

The table shows the most basic information about the game:

Release Date2022
GenreCrash / Instant
Min. Multiplier1,01x
Max. Multiplier10,000x
Aviatrix Demo Game AvailableYes
PlatformsPC, Android and iOS Smartphones

Game Interface

The game’s interface is fairly simple and consists of a few parts. Here’s a little Aviatrix review for you:

  • Betting fields. In these you enter the amount of your Aviatrix bet. You can place two bets of equal or different denominations per round;
  • The game screen. On this screen you can watch the Aviatrix flight and also how the multiplier increases;
  • Player bets. You can follow the bets of other players who are playing Aviator crash online at the same time as you. You can even see if they win or lose.
  • Results. These allow you to track the history of previous rounds and the multipliers in them;
  • Customization menu. You get experience points for your bets in the Aviatrix crash game; for reaching new levels, you can change the look of your plane;
  • Auto Bet. You can set your bet and it will be placed automatically as soon as a new round starts;
  • Auto Cashout. You can set any multiplier. As soon as the plane reaches this multiplier you will receive the winnings on your balance.

Aviatrix Game Interface

Aviatrix Game Algorithm

The Aviatrix game is powered by the popular Provably Fair technology. It’s a sophisticated random number generator, and the multiplier is generated while the plane is in flight, so no one can influence the outcome of the round. The outcome is completely random, and you can even go into the public ledger and see the transparency of each round.

Aviatrix Game Alghoritm

How to start playing the Aviatrix?

The process of playing Aviatrix is very simple, and so that you don’t get in trouble, we’ll tell you what you need to do:

  1. Make an Aviatrix login to the game and enter your betting amount in the special field;
  2. Wait until the round is over and place your bet for a new round;
  3. Wait for the multiplier to reach your desired level and then click Cash out;

Get your winnings in your balance. Your winnings depend on the multiplier on the screen at the time you pressed Cash out.

How to Start Playing Aviatrix

Demo Mode

Before you start playing the Aviatrix game for real money, you can play the game in Demo mode. In this mode you place bets with virtual money, watch how the odds increase and click Cash Out for your winnings. The Virtual Money mode allows you to get a full understanding of the algorithms of the game without the risk of losing your own money.

Aviatrix Demo Mode

1win Welcome bonus for Aviatrix and Other Casino Games

We invite you to start playing the Aviatrix bet game at 1win. You will receive 500% up to INR 145,000 on your bonus balance after your first deposit. 1win has a cashback system and you will receive up to 30% of the money you lose in our casino games in a week. This money will be transferred from your bonus balance to your main balance. The percentage of the cashback is directly related to the amount you lose.

Aviatrix Demo Mode on 1Win

Aviatrix App on Android, iOS and PC

You do not need to download any Aviatrix app to your smartphone in order to start playing. This game is available in any browser on your PC, or mobile device with Android or iOS. Once the Aviatrix flight game download is in your browser, you will also be able to enter a betting amount, place it, watch the multiplier grow, and get your winnings.

Aviatrix App For Android and iOS

Popular Strategies for Aviatrix game

In Aviatrix, you have to make decisions about when to hit the cashout button. This directly affects your win/loss stats. In order to increase your chances of winning, users develop various strategies, and we would like to tell you about the most popular ones.

popular aviatrix Strategies

Low Bet Amount

With this strategy, you place a low bet and wait for the multiplier to get really high. Given that the maximum multiplier reaches 10,000x, high multipliers are quite common and you can win big with little risk.

High Bet Amount

Here you are on the contrary making a large size bet, while hitting the cashout button at low odds, reducing the chances of losing.

The Martingale Strategy

In Aviatrix download game you can increase the amount of your bet many times, so this strategy is very effective. The idea is that after you lose, you increase your bet by 2x, wait for a 2x multiplier, and get winnings.

Mathematical strategy

You watch the statistics of the previous rounds and try to predict the chances of a high multiplier in the following rounds. Due to Provably fair technology, this strategy has little effect because the new round here is a new mathematical probability.

Main Benefits of Aviatrix game

Despite its novelty, Aviatrix is attracting more and more attention from gamblers due to its many benefits. We’d like to talk about the highlights:


  • You don’t need to make an Aviatrix apk download, as the game is accessible from any browser;
  • Aviatrix flight apk has the clearest possible interface, so you will quickly get to grips with the game;
  • The game runs on Provably Fair technology and the outcome of each round is completely random;
  • Maximum bet size is quite high, which makes the Martingale strategy very effective;
  • Rounds are live and you can sign in and start playing at any time;
  • Maximum winnings are 10,000x and the RTP is 97%, which is pretty high for casino games.


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So it is no wonder that many gamblers support Aviatrix and choose this game for their gambling


What is the meaning of Aviatrix?

If we disassemble Aviatrix meaning, it can be summarized as a new Instant-Crash casino game, where the user influences whether they win or lose.

Do I have to make an Aviatrix game download to play?

No, you do not need to download Aviatrix as the game is accessible to you from any browser on your computer, Android or iOS device.

What is the best strategy to play Aviatrix?

You should play as you wish, as the game is powered by Provably Fair, and the outcome of each round is entirely random.